About Worlds of Games, LLC.

Welcome to WORLDS OF GAMES, LLC and it’s patented (U.S 6,213,874) and (U.S. 6,722,977) delivery and promotional play feature and Charitable Contribution Station with Promotional Game Piece Feature (US 7,236,943) . When first introduced, our Collectors Cards/Phone Cards Vending Machine with promotional game(s) “FREESPIN”® and “FREEDRAW”® literally formed a new industry. By designing such a unique delivery system and exciting interactive video we set a precedent for the legal alternative use of games of chance and skill as an advertisement tool that had historically been viewed at its best, in a gray area.

Promotional play games and/or sweepstakes have been around for sometime. Research has shown that over seventy-five percent of the industry uses some form of prize promotion to introduce or increase the sale of their products and services to the public. Chances are, if you drive down the road, you will see prize advertisements in virtually every retail outlet, in newspapers, magazines, television, and across the Internet.

The card collecting industry has used promotional contests and sweepstakes for years. The cards themselves were introduced as a promotion in the 1800′s. The same is true for phone cards (pre paid debit cards), which early on were used as a promotional incentive associated with lotteries, and as a combo card associated with sports. Now you need only to look at the many faces, styles, and ways a collectors card is used to see how the collectible card industry has embraced the addition of prepaid cards into its family. You can learn more about the history by visiting the History of Collectors Cards page.

The introduction of the model one or the first issuance of Worlds of Games, LLC’s delivery system and associated line of promotional play products has brought in an interactive multi-media format that today’s consumer has not only become accustomed to, but has grown to expect. Since the introduction of our vending system, over 100 million dollars in retail sales of collectable cards and 80 million in phone time tickets/cards have been generated. Since the introduction of Worlds of Games LLC’s Charitable Solicitation System, over 10 million in new donations have been generated to charitable organizations.

Now with more products in the pipeline, and additional pending patent applications, and continuations in part, we look forward to offering you and your location many years of innovative and unique methods of product and service promotion. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes. It has been and always will be my goal.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein.


Keith Heflin