About the Owner

Dwayne Keith Heflin, CEO of Worlds of Games, LLC, is a veteran of the video and vending industry, a 1982 graduate of the Nevada Gaming School, and designer and owner of all Worlds of Games, LLC’s patented (U.S. 6,213,874 and U.S. 6,772,997 and U.S. 7,236,943) promotional systems.

As the designer he holds all Registered Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and Patents Pending on our Collectors Card/Phone Card dispensing systems with FREESPIN®, FREEDRAW® ,and FREETAB® promotional play games as well as FREEFALL(TM) and FREECHOICE® Promotional play games and other design uses currently under patent pending or CIP (continuations in part).

Due to his experience in the vending and promotional game industry, he has been asked to testify before the various state sub-committees, committees and assisted State Representatives and Senators in writing gambling, lottery, sweepstakes and vending machine legislation in Tennessee. Most recently he has been called on to assist investigators in review of “purported” sweepstakes systems in Alabama.

Worlds of Games, LLC obtained rights to manufacturer 3 versions of the system, sell license distributorships of the Collectors Card / Phone Card Vending Machines with promotional play games FREESPIN® and FREEDRAW® in May of 1997. In 1998, we then obtained rights on FREETAB® Collectors Cards/Phone Card dispensing system with promotional game piece feature (U.S. 6,772,977) and most recently has introduced FREECHOICE® skill line of products. A limited license has also been obtained to manufacture a version of the Charitable Contribution Station (U.S. 7,236,943).

Over 20 different models or versions of the patent have been produced to conform to the different needs of each new market and changes in the regulatory laws governing our systems over the past 10 years.

Currently we have distributors in Tennessee, Virginia, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Florida.