Description of Distributorship (The ADA)

In order to own, and operate, a FREESPIN®, FREEDRAW®, FREETAB®, FREECHOICE® or similar type vending machine or other product covered under our license for the United States Patent or Pending Patents, Registered Trademarks is to purchase a Distributorship or operate under a current licensed distributor.

Typically a distributorship costs will be based on either the defined geographical area of a county, city, or state depending on your interest. They can also be formed or limited by type of location in a particular area. Some areas may be limited due to prior agreements, as described in the distribution agreement, or regulations imposed by law.

Each potential Distributor must make a independent evaluation of the laws that may regulate the use of our systems prior to entering into a Area Distribution Agreement.

It is the intent of Worlds of Games, LLC and its licensed distributors to comply with all State and Federal laws. The information provided herein  is for the education of the reader and is not indented to render, offer or to be used as legal advise, Since the circumstance of your operation are unique to your State you should consult independent counsel.