The Company

Worlds of Games, LLC, is a limited liability company with it’s principal operating location in Shelbyville, TN 37160.

Formed in 1997, by Dwayne K. Heflin, for the purpose of developing and manufacturing a line of Collectors Card/Phone Card dispensing systems featuring promotional play games of chance and skill. These free game offerings would be utilized to promote the sale of, but not limited to, collectible cards, phone cards, as well as other tangible goods and services related to the vast collectors card industry.

To insure an exclusive right to offer such systems by prohibiting any unauthorized production, Heflin made his initial application for patent protection to the United States Patent and Trademark office in Washington, DC in September 1997.

After an unexpected delay, on the patent offices part, a notice of allow-ability was issued, followed by the issuance of United States Patent Number 6,213,874, in April, 2001. Worlds of Games, obtained a limited license to manufacture a, limited number of, versions of the 874′ patent and to enter into Distributorship Agreements with individuals, or companies, that would meet the criteria of becoming a distributor of the patented systems.

Worlds of Games also obtained a limited license to manufacture and market two additional patents. The second was issued to Heflin in 2004 after four years of review, by the United States Patent Office under patent number (U.S. 6,772,997) for the named invention of Collectors Card/Phone card Dispensing System with promotional FREETAB® feature.

The latest patent issued in July of 2007, by the United States Patent office under  patent number (U.S. 7,236,943) for a charitable solicitation system. The Donation Station™ System would apply the same concept and method of advertising to promote 501(c) 3 charities that would want to license the systems for their charitable solicitation efforts.

Worlds of Games has been successful in defending its rights granted by the patent office by preventing unlicensed and unauthorized manufacturing of our products and trademarks. These actions have been taken against locations as well as the manufacturers and distributors of the unauthorized systems. A general outline of those cases and notices of resolution can be found under our press releases.

It is Worlds of Games’  policy to vigorously defend all rights granted by the United States Patent and Trademark offices.