Why Us?

Who better to design and manufacture the promotional games to meet your current and future needs than the company that pioneered the interactive games of today’s promotional products – Worlds of Games LLC.

New Games

Worlds of Games LLC is constantly expanding the line of promotional games and products sold from them. The latest concept is marketed under FREECHOICE® and features the latest in true skill contest.


Our patented FREETAB® (U.S. 6,722,977 )which sells either collectors cards or phone cards and offers a more traditional paper promotion by offering break open, pull-tab and scratch-off style contest.

Donation Station

Choose our newest addition (US 7,236,943) and adaptations of FREESPIN® and FREEDRAW® promotional games as a Charitable Solicitation Kiosk or Donation Station™.

Need game type

Whether you choose our FREESPIN®, FREECHOICE® ((U.S 6,213,874) promotional game with its interactive promotional contest of skill or chance or FREEDRAW® and its interactive simulated video skill card games.